Saturday, April 16, 2016

Lenovo VIBE K4 Note, ANTVR PhoneGlass, and Google Cardboard

So, Lenovo Philippines decided to sell their Lenovo VIBE K4 Note with free VR glass.  Yes, you read that right -- a FREE Virtual Reality glass for every new Lenovo VIBE K4 Note.

To tell you the truth, I didn't bother with the phone's specs.  I just wanted to have my own VR glass!  So, yeah, this is not a post about a phone review.  Though, I'm generally okay with the phone given the price of US$220~ (some store sells it for US$230) that it already comes with VR glass.  So, there's that.

Now onto the VR glass.

Nothing fancy, really.  It's just a plastic version of Google Cardboard with head strap.  Which, for someone like me who really needs to experience this VR thing that's been trending for quite awhile now, it's my kind of poor man's Occulus Rift. I say, hell yeah! I finally have an Occulus Rift! -- a cheap one of course but to hell with CEOs saying VR for the mass market will take a longer while.

So how does it work?

Like Google Cardboard, you will have to put the phone in front of the glass, clipped into place -- which is kind of a lousy engineering if you ask me.  Placing the phone into place by having it clipped comes the risk of the phone falling off if not properly clipped -- I mean, it took me awhile to actually safely clip the phone.  I was thinking, it would have been better if you just slide it on the side of the VR glass and have some locking mechanism to lock it into place -- maybe, slide it on then clip for locking.  I hope Lenovo would be reading this and tap ANTVR to revise the glass with my inputs.

Demo, anyone?

Sadly, the phone does not have videos or apps ready for demo purposes.  So I had to search Google Playstore only to find apps that are compatible only to Google Cardboard.

Good thing though that VR Roller Coaster app has the same configuration that fits Lenovo's ANTVR.

So, these are the steps that configured Lenovo's ANTVR for VR apps that were designed for Google Cardboard:
1. Install Google Cardboard
2. Install VR Roller Coaster
3. Run VR Roller Coaster, select any of the 2 sample rides, then click configure.
4. Then focus the phone to the image below, which I got from the internet by simply googling: 'qr code "vr roller coaster"'
VR Roller Coaster configuration
I know it's rather small but VIBE K4 Note can actually scan it and configure VR Roller Coaster's view that will fit Lenovo's ANTVR glass.

(This post was written at 3AM, just after a few hours of tinkering with ANTVR; if something is not clear, put it in the comments below :) -- if everything works, please do let me know as well by commenting)


Saturday, April 11, 2015

[Sk8Factory/Mimic Review] Skateboard manufacturing scum

I've been wanting to write this review to a skateboard deck manufacturer called Sk8 Factory. -- btw, they also own Mimic Skateboards.  Since there is no real way of informing other possible customers of these sub-standard manufacturer, I really think this review is needed to be posted to keep this money-sucking sub-standard Sk8 Factory away from the industry.

Whatever you do, DO NOT BUY from Sk8Factory (or Mimic Skateboards)!!!

They sell cheap because THEIR PRODUCTS ARE CHEAP!

The skateboard decks that Sk8 Factory (or Mimic Skateboards) produces gets easily delaminated.  This is due to their lack of experience in having a dyed ply mixed in the 7-ply deck -- the paint/color they use in dying the ply causes the dyed ply to not properly bind with the other plies.  This other skater's review shows that Sk8Factory (or Mimic Skateboards) were originally not using dyed ply.

Also, they only produce deck on demand but waits for a bulk batch to maximize the labor cost -- which is understandable to any business-minded individuals BUT this is a deadly combination for your skateboard decks.  After a month of production, they will start shipping your products hoping they cure while being delivered.  They need to deliver the product soonest the graphics are dried because you as their client have been waiting months when they were still waiting for other others.  And here you are so gullible and eager to test their product upon receiving it not knowing that the boards have not cured to its maximum curing time.  You'll only realize once it's all too late.

Their price is too good to be true because they are experimenting on the products that you will order from them.  So, whatever you do, DO NOT BUY anything from Sk8Factory or from Mimic Skateboards!

There's another video review which is basically a shallow review, IMHO.  The client is (or was) happy because finally his orders came in with his own graphics.  That same reviewer has a second video review where it shows how the board works, but as you can see the skater is kind of beginner that any sub-standard deck would probably pass his standards -- the reviewer can't even pop the board proper to level a proper ollie.

The only thing they got right is that their graphics doesn't easily come off like most brands.  But would that actually matter to you if the wood won't even last?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

[Android Studio] Error : Failed to find:

It's nice that Google is trying to make a full-fledged Android Authoring Software, complete with what is expected from an authoring tool.  But as of now, the tool itself is in Beta which has a few hiccups hidden somewhere, and one of this is not being able to compile an Android Project. o_o

Like, really?

So if you, like me, had encountered this problem saying:
Error : Failed to find:
Relax and open SDK Manager then install the Android Support Repository and/or Android Support Library.  Better yet, install those two. :)

Upon restart of Android Studio, that problem should go away.

Happy hacking!