Saturday, July 26, 2008

Coding Dad

I would like to start-of my very first blog site about my first baby, Elleana Johan, my month-old baby girl.

One of the major decision that made me quit my second full-time job is a chance to look after Lean while getting paid -- No, I'm not a professional babysitter and no, I won't babysit your child :D.

Right now, I am being paid to work at home. An irresistible opportunity and seems too good to be true. But this kind of work might not be stereotype job where you could relax for the rest of your life getting paid while doing paper works. I might end up jobless anytime I fail one of my duties.

I am still young and should not bother such troubles but I am a coding dad now. Ever since Lean came out, my whole decision making changed. I am a penny-wise now that I have to feed one little hungry mouth. But I don't consider this as a curse -- it is a 'gift' (remember the Spider-Man line?)

I remember rushing to the hospital and saw my wife, deeply sleeping and 'bump-less'... "Where's 'our' baby?". Can't forget the feeling of happily waiting forever -- it's not like one of those days where your program hung steadily and kept you sitting and waiting for just a few seconds which seemed like forever, too long just enough to kill the application instead.

Then all of a sudden, here she comes. Wrapped with those white baby blankets that I wish were my hands -- she's just too fragile to hold.

Did not believe that people cry because they are happy. But at that time, I felt a different type of happiness. I could feel my heartbeats to my very fingers. Got some butterflies flying in my stomach -- I wanted to shed a tear, but I just could not. I'm a sensitive but shy type of guy -- I'd rather put my feeling into letters than into words.

Each day and night that I work, I feel no regret leaving my former job as web developer. Money can't buy happiness -- happiness might help you earn them.

As I write this code, I am currently dealing with an overdue project. Will this end my 3rd chosen career? Hope not. Won't allow it to happen. So, I got to save this post now and publish before I put my job into jeopardy. :D