Thursday, October 9, 2014

[FFMPEG] Adjust video volume

Before anything else, here's a quick disclaimer:  I do not promote the use of torrent for downloading movies you do not currently own.  Yes, I do download movies but only if I have a DVD/Bluray copy of it.  The only reason I download it so I would have a soft copy -- yes, I suck at ripping DVD/Blurays.

Okay.  Now, onto the issue at hand.

It seems that this torrent group called YIFY is famous among torrent freaks because of quality Bluray rips packed in very small HD files.  Sadly, YIFY configured their rips to lessen the quality of audio.  Which is not a problem for people watching the video on their computers since VLC Media Player can double the movie's volume and everybody's happy.

Well, not quite.

People who have LED TVs happen to enjoy the quality of the movie they downloaded by watching it on their 40~50in TVs.  And it so happen that their TVs doesn't have the feature VLC Media Player has (doubling the volume) -- so they are stuck with the audio quality that YIFY offers with their small-size HD movies.

So how do you fix it?

Have I mentioned my disclaimer, yet?

Anyway, let's use FFMPEG! Just type this into your Command Prompt:

ffmpeg -i "input.mp4" -c:v copy -af "volume=10dB" "thanksToCreekCodes.mp4"

Above ffmpeg command should make sure that you should now have a louder audio while having the same video quality.

I'm pretty sure you understood my disclaimer right?  Well, happy viewing!