Saturday, February 19, 2011

What the hell happened to facebook?

Facebook redirects to Myspace. What in the world happened to Facebook?

Good thing somehow. So I am forced not waste more time on any of those addictive yet lame Casual Games.


(/me goes back programming. :D)


I guess you came here to look for answer. Well... it's just a problem with re-routing, which usually occurs on servers -- not Facebook server but Content Delivery Network servers and/or your router device. What happens is that, if there was a problem fetching for the address of a site you are trying to visit (in this case,, your router will try to provide you alternative site that is just about the same as to what you wanted to view (in this case,

So how do you go about this? You can simply restart your router. Or wait for a couple more minutes. Make sure you hard refresh your browser (do this by pressing Ctrl+F5), or clean you browser's cache.

But then again, if I were you, I would attend to something more important than wasting more time on Facebook. :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

MSYS pr not found

Ever got the pr not found error on MSYS?

Not sure why the packages made pr command to be obsolete. But compiling FFMPEG on Windows using MinGW and MSYS requires pr in the toolchain.

Do not worry, it is still on MinGW's download page though not easily accessible. It's hidden inside MSYS/BaseSystem/msys-core/obsolete

But be careful, you will only need the PR.EXE, everything else is unnecessary.

UPDATE: Updated link.