Saturday, February 12, 2011

MSYS pr not found

Ever got the pr not found error on MSYS?

Not sure why the packages made pr command to be obsolete. But compiling FFMPEG on Windows using MinGW and MSYS requires pr in the toolchain.

Do not worry, it is still on MinGW's download page though not easily accessible. It's hidden inside MSYS/BaseSystem/msys-core/obsolete

But be careful, you will only need the PR.EXE, everything else is unnecessary.

UPDATE: Updated link.


Bubble Gum said...

Thank you for the pointer!

ConstB said...

actually 'pr' is now a part of msys-coreutils package. if you use mingw-get package manager, you need to do 'mingw-get install msys-coreutils' in command line.

Anonymous said...

Thanks ConstB, I'm trying to get libav built using MSVC, and was was just about to download the 'obsolete' package.

juiyout said...

actually, as of today, it is not part of core as I tested this while trying to compile ffmpeg a moment ago.

Anonymous said...

It isn't part of the msys-coreutils -bin package, but it is part of the -ext package. Hope this helps.

Anshul said...

I tried using 'mingw-get install msys-coreutils' but still i dont get any pr file