Thursday, February 5, 2009

Download Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference now

One of the much awaited book about Ubuntu is now out.

Written by an award-winning author, Keir Thomas (same author of Ubuntu Kung Fu and Beginning Ubuntu Linux), this book is an indispensable introductory guide.

It talks about history of GNU and the Linux kernel; then Free Software and the Open Source.

It also talks about installing Ubuntu in different ways. Configuring, updating and upgrading Ubuntu. Not to mention, troubleshooting Ubuntu.

You will learn to download and install drivers for your video card, printer, scanners, Wifi cards, and bluetooth device.

If you are wanting how to become a hacker, a security hacker that is, this book will tell you how to defend yourself by installing firewalls and anti-virus, and encrypt files/folders.

Notice I didn't say complete guide? Because it only discussed about the very basics of using Ubuntu, which for general use is quite enough. For only $9.94, this book is juicy.

Now, buy a printed copy or download the PDF copy from Don't forget to read the FAQs page on the terms of redistributing a copy to your friends.

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