Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Upgrading Ubuntu without using CD

I currently don't have access to Internet at home, so I have to download Karmic Koala ISO (via torrent or direct download) and install it offline. And such luck is not on my side, my CD-ROM isn't working quite well lately. Good thing I learned that I can upgrade without using CD. How is that?

First, I needed to install gMount ISO, which comes-in handy in just 16.2 kB of download.

After installing gMount ISO, access it from Applications -> System Tools-> GMount ISO

Next, just mount the Alternate ISO to /media/cdrom0.

Then open a Terminal (press Alt+F2 or access it from Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal) and type in:
sudo /cdrom/cdromupgrade

Just follow the remaining steps and your Ubuntu will be upgraded.

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