Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blender: Export 3D Model for Flash

I did a demo of my WIND library late January this year and I was having problem exporting the 3D model from Blender, properly.

The screen resolution of the laptop I'm using went to 640 by 480 upon attaching the LCD projector. I was having a hard time figuring the problem out. Until the demo ended, and I detached the LCD projector cable and *poof* -- I know what I've been missing.

Below is the screenshot of how to properly export 3D model for use of Papervision.
  • Make sure the model is exported in Triangles -- not Quads.
  • Obviously, export only the model -- not the whole scene.
  • Make sure the texture path is Relative to the Collada file path.
  • Then finally, to have a deformed model (aka posed model), toggle on Apply Modifiers.

The demo went okay until the exporting problem -- sheesh...

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