Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What If 2012 happens?

Been months since I watched 2012 but I still can't remove it in my mind, "What if 2012 happens?"

With billions of dollars in bank, Bill Gates will surely get on board. How about Richard Stallman? Linus Torvalds perhaps?

As a developer, it makes me think, should I still be doing the "right" thing for people? Or should I do the "right" thing for me and my family -- to start hoarding tons of money by selling patented proprietary software...

Another thing that puzzles me, "What kind of software will be saved?". Or better yet, "What kind of software will power the computers of the next generation?". Microsoft's Windows and Visual Studio? Google's Chrome and Go? Perhaps Canonical's Ubuntu, thanks to Mark Shuttleworth.

I hope my small programming language will be saved along with other free and open source projects on SourceForge.

So, I ask you, "What if 2012 happens?"

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Anonymous said...

If you're serious:

The same thing that happens every January with our 365-day Gregorian calendar. You stop using the old one. The Mayans simply had more days in theirs.

InformationIsBeautiful Explanation - 2012


If you were entertaining a thought experiment (like imagining how best to deal with zombie hordes):

Youtube - How 2012 Should Have Ended